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Cirque du Soleil Artist, Author & Coach, I’ve always cared about my art, but a few years ago I learned that I loved to teach as well. That led to creating this site which chronicles my journey of learning all while teaching others to do the same.

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As a descendant of a Hungarian-Russian family of generations of artists.
He has toured the world and performed as an awarded juggler in numerous countries and his rigorous training earned him the “Young star of the stage” award.

The world-famous Circus Sarasota in the U.S.A. said:
“He is quite possibly one of the greatest jugglers you will ever see”.

By applying new ideas and techniques he has created a modern and fresh style of juggling, the experiences of which he passes on to future generations of jugglers in his book: “Fast Juggling Success – How To Achieve Your Best In Progress“. He holds regular workshops for professionals from Japan, Tokyo to Germany, Berlin.

His personal and world records include being one of 4 juggler’s who ever flashed 10 rings while balancing a ring on his head and being the second juggler in the world to flash 7 ring backcrosses. His personal records also include an 11 rings flash without the help of any holsters and a double pirouette while throwing 7 rings.

Paired with over 15 years of professional experience in the Art & Show Business all over the world, the years of work will come to another fruition when he finally join’s “Cirque du Soleil’s” newest arena creation with the show “Corteo” starting their 2017-19 North-America tour.

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