Laido Dittmarによるジャグリングワークショップを2016年2月、東京、または横浜エリアで開催します!

Laido Dittmar Master Class Juggling Workshop will be held in Japan from February 23-26. My special thanks for this amazing opportunity to Maro Kurita the CEO of International Rhythmic Juggling Federation –

Description of the class:
What if you could create a working practice routine that you can rely on working for you every time. Knowing that you do the best possible way of practicing for the current moment to achieve your goals in juggling..
A system giving you the best possible results that you’re fully capable to achieve at the moment. Consistently regardless if you have a “Bad Day” or not.

This 4 day INTENSIVE Master Class contains the best philosophies, ideas and beliefs that I’ve discovered in 10+ years of research about how to progress the fastest way in your juggling through what I call “PRACTICE STRATEGY TRAINING”..

The way you shortcut your progress enormously, the way you get results faster, simpler, easier, with less trial and error, fewer mistakes, less strain and stress is to borrow tested and proven ideas and apply them to what you’re doing.

I have put a massive amount of time and energy into creating a training that integrates many different “schools of thought” to bring you a CONDENSED set of theories and tools that will not only help you deal with your practice issues,but give you a complete plan for building or re-building your practice the right way, so you can get the results you’re looking for by exactly knowing where you’re going and what will get you there.

This program is condensed, high-impact, “Best Of The Best” when it comes to improving your practice strategy. It’s important to understand that there isn’t an unlimited combination of things you have to learn.. There’s only a couple that you must learn and I will do my best to teach you and help you master them one-by-one, so you will know exactly what’s going on in your practice..and how to move forward.

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