Fast Juggling Success – How To Achieve Your Best In Progress

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This ebook contains the best philosophies, ideas and beliefs that I’ve discovered in 10+ years of research about how to progress the fastest way in your juggling through what I call “PRACTICE STRATEGY TRAINING”..




Usually there are 2 kinds of coaching trainings and till now almost all kinds of suggestion and training methods of how jugglers should practice was based on someone’s theory or subjective thinking of what works.

The forums and groups that we go to and try to ask and find answers to our questions usually bring up all kinds of different answers and opinions, the same applies to workshops and conventions.

The main thing that we can see happen is that everybody has a different opinion most of the time, which is subjective and the answer is always from a perspective that works for the individual.

I want to make it clear that this is not one of those trainings. This is not what I think works or what I believe should work. To be honest, these are training methods that I believed won’t work but did. These are things that I tested with others over and over, and which brought results.

This is really important for you to understand. The type of training that I want to teach you is a modeling based training.. Modeling is a term used widely in the NLP community. 
(Neuro Linguistic Programing)

Basically, modeling means finding someone who gets the results you want to get and do what they do. On a deeper level, not just mime their actions but even try to find out what drives them and adept these drivers and belief systems to the actions. In juggling it’s based on what successful jugglers actually do. Modeling is basically a process of capturing, encoding, replicating and transferring knowledge and experience.

Obviously there are jugglers who are better at what they do than others.. So, what my job was is to model the best jugglers and encode what they do and think into specific steps and design ways on how to teach those steps to others. It’s not simply by chance that they got better at what they do.

They did specific steps that even they were unaware of, but if the talent and skill can be captured and decoded into specific steps then the skill is also transferrable.

By modelling I could identify a wide variety of things that include mindsets, strategies and attitudes.

I found that there are exact points that if you turn your focus towards and really take them to the next level, that’s where you can get the most leverage, the most of your practice in the fastest way, because these are the points that decide whether you progress fast or progress slowly. I assume we all want to progress fast and it’s not that we are lazy or don’t want to work hard, but we might as well get the most of our practice and everything we can of ourselves without wasting any opportunities that we might have had but just left them unfulfilled.

And that’s the basic model of this training and the things we are going to train ourselves with the help of this book..

If someone is hungry, you don’t give him a fish to rely on you each day. It’s better to teach him how to fish so that he can rely on himself. When I created this system, I came back to the challenges in practice that are common in all jugglers based on the survey in the first place.

The way I wanted to create this book is that it should serve as a practice blueprint based on solving those biggest frustrations jugglers have. ..and the biggest frustration is not knowing how to build up a practice in the first place.

Most of the time when people ask themselves how to achieve the double amount of results, the answer they find is to do the double amount of work than they do. That’s their only strategy, doing more or less of what they are already doing.

Sadly, that’s the most frequent thought they can put into it as there’s no other strategy owing to the lack of information. To our luck, having a good practice is actually not more work than having a bad one and it can be actually way more fun and beneficial if you like to see yourself achieving results. In our specific situation, we need to use other strategies..

We shouldn’t forget that most naturals are at least 5-10 years ahead of us. Most of them started juggling in childhood and had time to figure this stuff out for their own and get the hang of it or being shown by another natural.

I believe - with enough time - we could do the same and work on ourselves really hard and figure out for ourselves what it takes. But usually we don’t have the time to make that extra long learning curve. We don’t have that extra 5,10 or even 15 years and even if we do, it it’s not a guarantee that we will succeed and reach the heights we hoped for after using so much time and energy in our life. We can’t usually afford to have that much free time as well than we had in our childhood.

So, if we want to make the most of it and succeed, instead of practicing extra hard, we had better take the time to learn to model the best of the bests and practice in a smart way...really smart. Practice in a way that could get us ahead in the fastest and most efficient possible way with the least time needed.

Using the perfected methods that naturally successful jugglers use.. A method that could intensify and condense the knowledge of 10 years and give it to you right upfront to work with, so that you don’t have to run as many extra miles as someone would who needs to figure the stuff out for himself.

Practicing smartly rather than hard can give you years ahead of your time than what you would have needed without it and that’s the mission of the book..To give you the most advanced training method and to get you further than you could ever go.

To use it by starting from a place where you already know what the right methods are to perfecting your practice further...


Exactly what I've got & what it will do for you..

LAIDO DITTMAR 3.0.»Watch In HD! Get Free Sample Chapters From The Upcoming Fast Juggling Success - How To Achieve Your Best In Progress eBook:

Fast Juggling Success is a project I've been working on and kept "silent" about for more than 5 years..which believe me was really hard.. 😀 For those who knew and kept asking me I can sincerely say that writing a book is the longest damn process I ever experienced. It takes so much time that I’m embarrassed whenever someone asks me if it’s done already. Now it's done. Can't believe I'm even saying it.. I waited 5 long years to get to the point to say it, but at least now I'm pretty confident in the results and even proud of it :)
I actually love it, which if you know me personally is something I rarely say about my own work. For many reasons this book is deeply personal for me on many levels which you will only understand once the book is out.. Please enjoy Laido Dittmar 3.0. It took a hell of a lot out of me to create it, but not even half the amount it took to create this book..:D

Posted by Laido Dittmar on Thursday, March 5, 2015

The way you shortcut your progress enormously, the way you get results faster, simpler, easier, with less trial and error, fewer mistakes, less strain and stress is to borrow tested and proven ideas and apply them to what you’re doing.

The complete 200 page PDF ebook is based on what juggler’s told me they could need in terms of training.

It might be just an ebook,but I’m sure it’s dramatically different from anything you’ve ever read because it’s more of a “field guide” to massive progress than a traditional “book”.

The reason why is because there’s no fluff or filler. I don’t know you, but don't you get that feeling of “Mehh” when you need to read till page 50 in order get to the really “juicy” stuff..?

That's why guess what..if you've already read my introduction and story above or in my free Sample PDF you are already through all the explanations needed.

Although I've included into the book everything you learned from me so far you can continue from where we left off and as soon as you start reading, it immediately gets down to brass tacks, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why.
Plus, it's easy.

12 years of experience and testing at just 200 pages, you can read it maybe even in a weekend afternoon. Once you read it you'll immediately "get" the entire methodology I'm personally using for practicing everyday and getting results. But just a warning..this training is certainly not something for everyone..

That's why I will later dive in and exactly describe who's it for and who is it not for.. I also prepared an offer summary at the end of the page.. ;)


Their isn’t an unlimited combination of things you have to learn..

There’s only a couple that you MUST learn. So when you master the 6 techniques of the book one-by-one you will know exactly what’s going clear as possible.

I truly believe you can architect your perfect practice based on the 6 techniques of the F.J.S. method and if you simply apply only a fraction of what I give you, I promise you’ll see some truly great results.. You can actually do it yourself and I’m sure that once you get it, you will want to deploy in in your practice immediately.

What might be some of the benefits you might get with this book?

  • Don’t mess around with theoretical things that “might” work when you can borrow the “best of the best” of tested, proven methods.
  • If you’re starting from SCRATCH, then you’ll   see your way much clearer. You’ll have a big picture. It’s easier to get started and build something if you know exactly where you’re going and what will get you there.
  • This program is a condensed, high-impact, “Best Of The Best” when it comes to improving your practice strategy. I integrated many different “schools of thought” to bring you a CONDENSED set of theories and tools that will help you get results in your situation. But you’ll get references to books you can read for further research, where applicable. Some of my techniques have books “behind” them. There aren’t a lot but the ones I refer to are really worth it and for the most part, aren’t commonly known. Some are virtually unheard of. Yet make no mistake everything you need to know is already inside the book which takes us to the next benefit..
  • Instead of having to read 300+ books to discover these techniques yourself and spend 10+ years researching, you can just borrow the best of the best I’ve discovered over the 10+ years. The last thing I want to do is WASTE YOUR TIME. I’ve wasted enough of my own time trying things that didn’t work… and I know how it feels to “spin my wheels” trying to figure out how to solve my inner game problems. I promise that this training isn’t “weak”. I don’t dance around the issues… or give you just “hints”. We hit this stuff HEAD ON.

I have put a massive amount of time and energy into creating a training that will help you deal with your practice issues as quickly and easily as possible… and help you get the RESULTS you’re looking for and I can personally guarantee that you will not find anything else available that is even CLOSE to this training. I wrote this actually myself for over 6 years. What I’m saying is, this isn’t someone looking up articles randomly on the Internet and rewriting them. This is me sharing what I’ve learned in a lifetime. In short, what you get is NOT re-hashed, regurgitated, warmed over drivel. It’s fresh, original ideas and thinking.

The bottom line is we are going to cover a lot of ground over those 6 techniques and you are going to come out at the other end with a complete practice strategy. Yet I believe it’s not the knowledge we are really after.. it’s what we are able to do to our potential..

It's All About  The Transformation

Whoever got excellent in juggling I believe it meant them a lot more then just having fun with it. They actually made their dreams come true through the form of juggling till they actually transformed their self image to who they wanted to become. Transformed their opportunities to what they could achieve. The question is.. what would it mean you?

For me.. getting successful means to be in control of my progress and if you are in control of your progress and your skill level.. that can mean a million hidden benefits throughout life.

By becoming better skilled than the “average”.. you might get a better job, you might win a competition, travel places for literally free and getting even paid for it because of a gig, you might get respect even in your community of jugglers or artists, but even more importantly..

The actual transformation I’m after and the ultimate transformation that it’s all about for you comes not from outside, but from inside.  It’s about proving not for others, but to yourself that you can achieve whatever you want.

The actual transformation and the ultimate transformation for me means to get confidence and self-respect.

Knowing more is not just knowing more.

Knowing more = Having Control. Having control in progress = Self Confidence ..and feeling good about yourself. Which becomes a domino effect that affects all parts of your life.

It’s not about what you get.. it’s about who you become and the transformation you go through while doing it.. I teach this stuff because I was able to transform my life and it’s the reason why I want to teach people in the first place.

Now if you’ve read this far, you’re part of the tiny minority of juggler’s that actually want more in life, and are willing to invest into their personal growth to get what they want, no matter the amount of work it needs. I respect that and if you are willing to commit yourself to this training I will commit myself to guarantee you results.

You are here with me so let’s take it one step further...


I’ve thought a lot about how to make this thing entirely risk free for you as much as possible.. and partly it’s one of the reasons why I went towards digital instead hard copy.

And I actually came up with something..

Which I call now my “Legally steal my stuff” guarantee..:D I’ve really tried to make this thing for you entirely risk free for the simple reason that I would really hate for you to loose out on this. So here’s the deal..

Go through the training..try it all out and read the book page by page.. for a full 30 days.. And if for some reason you decide it’s not for you and you want a refund, no problem. You’re completely protected by my 30 Day 100% “Money-Back Guarantee”.

Just send me an email to and I will refund you literally no questions asked.

It’s really as simple as that.

Basically you have a full 30 days to see if my “Practice Strategy Training” program is right for you.. and if you think your time was wasted and determine it isn’t right for you just let me know within 30 days and I will gladly refund your money no hassle no hard feelings.. and you can even keep the book itself!

I believe your time is your most valuable asset you have, and I respect that too. Actually that’s what I believe I can help you the most with and save you from wasting hundreds of hours of practicing.

A mindset that I think is really important for you to understand is that most of the bad thins tend to happen in juggling because of inaction not because of action. So, a bad thing in this case is that you wake up in a year from now and you have almost the same skill level as in the current moment where you hardly improved anything..

That’s what I consider a bad thing..

Trying a bunch of things out, checking out if it works or having it not to work and screw it up, that’s not a bad thing. It’s a great thing because you learn from that.

The things that are really bad in juggling happen because of the lack of trying…saying “that’s just too soon for me or too difficult for me. I will try it later when I feel more ready for it.”…

So, people don’t even try and never get to it in the first place…

We want to get it perfect almost for the first time, but trial and error are the things that will make you learn and progress. These are the things that if you try to avoid, the worst thing will happen… Stopping you from growth and progress altogether.

Waking up 1 year or 5 years from now and having almost the same skill you’ve got today..

If you fear, never fear of anything because of taking action or trying something that you don’t seem to be ready for yet. Fear of the things when you don’t take action. When you leave opportunities unfulfilled, be afraid that bad things might happen because you are not acting.

Because of playing it safe.


What’s the worst that could happen with this training?
Now all investments have risks.. Except this one.

The worst that can happen is you get to learn about a formula and experience a new paradigm that was under work for more than 6 years..learning about strategies that were responsible for learning 11 Rings Flashes, 7 Clubs Qualify’s and 9 Ring Head-bounces.. all that for free. Yeah actually this is the worst that could happen.

But the best that could happen is:

“Hey you love the strategy. Who would have thought..and decide to implement and deploy even the process in your own practice..while actually seeing exponential growth as a direct result.

That isn’t so bad is it? : D
Either way, I tried to come up with a way where you’re coming out on top so it’s literally impossible for you to go wrong and loose.


NOBODY. (I checked).

But I’m happy to put it on the line like this and show you It’s not about me getting the money from you and off I go to Cuba living my happily ever after cocaine paradise.. : D

What’s the worst that could happen with this training?
Now all investments have risks.. Except this one.

The worst that can happen is you get to learn about a formula and experience a new paradigm that was under work for more than 6 years..learning about strategies that were responsible for learning 11 Rings Flashes, 7 Clubs Qualify’s and 9 Ring Head-bounces.. all that for free. Yeah actually this is the worst that could happen.


I just want you to know upfront this stuff is not for everybody. This training program might be right for you, and it might not. By now, you've probably started to get a sense of whether or not this training CAN help you get what you want, if it can increase your skill, and become more productive.

If it's right for you, that's great.
If not, that's OK, too.

I designed this training with a very specific potential students in mind who it's designed to help the most..

Even though this training does help literally anyone become more productive, I don't recommend that you invest in it if you are either:

  • If you don't have the necessary engagement and time to participate in this training.
  • I don't know you, but if you’re a "pipe dreamer" or the type of person who’s not willing to put the work into his practice and will let even the ebook “dust” on it’s digital shelf..
  • If you’re someone who is going to rather talk about it then do it..and is on the look out for "instant results".
  • If you’re not dedicated and passionate about your practicing
  • If you juggle just for the fun of it and feel completely fine and satisfied with your current level of skill and productivity.
  • If you're someone who isn't "open to coaching."

Then please this isn’t for you..because you will get nothing out of this training.

If you like your current system and your current level of productivity, then you should probably "pass" on this training. This program is really only for people who are NOT satisfied with their current level of skill and productivity, and who want to "go to the next level."

If you're expecting "Instant" instead "Fast" results.. or if you're not open to coaching.. then don't register for this training.
It's probably not right for you.


  • It is for you if you are serious about juggling and you practice on a regular basis. but find it challenging to stay motivated.. to avoid interruptions.
  • It is for you if you feel the passion and urging need inside to become constantly the best you can be and would like to actualize your potential.
  • It is for you if you are willing to put effort into a system that works even if you don't have much time to practice..
  • It is for you if you want to solve the "frustration" of having a bad day.

In that case if you believe this is right for you and if you ever want to do this.. I recommend to go ahead and do this now because I really think you owe yourself to take advantage of this "limited" opportunity and at least give it a try..because it will never be as risk free as it is right now.

If you are not ready to step up today.. maybe you will be whenever I release it next time.. The question however that you should ask yourself is, how much is your time worth to you?


Let's say that the training does not perform for you as well as I'm promising.. in other words, let's be "realistic" about it and it only accelerates your progress about to an extra hour of time per day. Meaning you reach your goals only an hour faster in your you would without the training..

Would it be safe to say that you will practice for the longterm? Longterm meaning..

Will you still be practicing a month from now, 2 months, 3 months?
What if you would apply the strategies one year, 5 or 10 years from now..

What would be the result of that? What would be the benefit you receive as a result from investing into your training. How will you feel about achieving a lot more? What will it mean to you mentally? ..Especially when you’re already working at maximum capacity.

As you can calculate yourself it's not really hard to get a return on this investment, even if you only get an extra hour per day of time back.

For the value I'm giving and the guarantee behind it I know it's a crazy offer. But I'm doing it because I want everyone to experience the increase in success, productivity, and freedom that comes from learning how to control your progress. And now you can do it for a price that's not only affordable.. but also risk-free.

The thing is..

If you wanted, you could probably figure out all this stuff on your own. I know, because that's what I did. But it probably will cost you a lot more in terms of energy, time and experience when I add up what I've invested, spent, tested, and WASTED figuring out the "good stuff" that actually worked.. and works consistently and predictably.

So you can invest a ton of energy and time trying to figure out what works, or you can short-circuit that whole process and do something of a "mind-meld" with me... and then you can be putting this material to work in your life starting tomorrow.


Look. Youʼve read this far. The book is here and it's here and now. 6 Years and countless hours of work.. in exchange of the price of a single PX3 Vegas club. You will be referring back to the best practices from this book for years to come.

Just go ahead and give it a whirl. The worst that can happen is you get it, decide itʼs not for you, and I give you a refund. No big deal.

(You donʼt even have to send anything back!)

But my guess is youʼll LOVE this and youʼll get WAY MORE value out of it than what Iʼm asking. So either way, YOU WIN! 100% Guarantee you'll love this book or I'll return your money and let you keep the book anyway.

That's right. No questions asked.

How's that for fair? : P

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to
hearing from you soon!

I'll talk to you later,
see you on the other side..



200 Pages of techniques, mindsets and experience condensed into one single book. If this isn't the most valuable training you've ever got on the topic of juggling..than here's my guarantee.. »

I mean it, that's how much I believe that you will love this program! If you don't like the book for some reason, just send me an email within 30 days to and I will refund you and you can even keep the book!

This 200 page ebook will be constantly updated whether it’s just a typo or a complete new chapter. It’s a resource that’s going to be constantly perfected with potential case study's, interviews & upgrades.. and you will get every new version of it entirely free no matter how long ago you purchased! It's not just about corrected "type"os, but additional training content that will be added in the next updated version of the book.


If you're one of those people (like me ;D) who skip to the bottom of the page to see what it's all about, here's a fast summary for you:

This book in 200 pages contains the best philosophies, ideas and beliefs that I've discovered in 10+ years of research about how to progress the fastest way in your juggling through what I call "PRACTICE STRATEGY TRAINING"..

This is a unique training that took me more than 6 years to create and could have been easily become a 5 DAY workshop which for many reasons wouldn't have been half as effective as it could be in this digital format I can provide right now..

This training is built for efficiency and that's exactly why I provided the training in a digital format..

So you can not only experience the techniques within your own individual pace (without anyone holding you back like in a workshop), but after you experience the techniques.. you can continue to ask questions in the private facebook group dedicated to discuss topics about training with fellow jugglers whenever you might feel it necessary.

The ebook originally would have retailed at €39 which is not even half the price of a "regular workshop", but I'd like to give it to you for even less for a few reasons:

  1. Firstly I want to put this training into the reach of everyone who wants it.. I for a fact would have probably jumped it if someone would have given me such an offer.. : D Also a live workshop would already prevent many people getting the chance to be part of it..

  2. Secondly anyone who isn't serious enough about their progress to invest just the price of a single PX3 club into he's own training, probably wouldn't even go through it.

That being said I will always be giving you a 30 day money back guarantee! That's how much I trust in this training and if you are not satisfied in any way or this isn't the best training you ever gone through.. just drop me a line and I will immediately refund you no questions asked!

But my guess is you will LOVE this training and you will get WAY MORE value out of it than what Iʼm asking. So either way, YOU WIN! 100% Guarantee you’ll love this book or I’ll return your money and let you even keep the book anyway!

That’s right. No questions, no hard feelings.

How’s that for fair? : P

Thanks for taking the time to go through this letter
and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

I’ll talk to you later,
see you on the other side!


14 reviews for Fast Juggling Success – How To Achieve Your Best In Progress

  1. mm
    5 out of 5


    What an awesome book!
    I would greatly recommend this book from beginners to experienced jugglers. The tips are extremely useful and the practice structure is mega and could be transferred usefully for other skill based activities. A must buy book for jugglers trying to improve quickly.

  2. mm
    5 out of 5


    I highly recommend this book for anyone into juggling, whether you have just started out or have been juggling for many years. It is very well written and really tells you how to improve, how to turn your practice sessions into progress and always work on pushing your skill. Even non-jugglers could really benefit from reading this book. A few naturals might already use several of the practice principles but I think everybody will find useful tips and find that it all makes sense. I have been juggling for 18 years and I am very happy and thankful that Laido has put in all this work and is willing to share it with the rest of us. He explains how he started out training really hard but with very little result. After lots of research he found the keys of how to make all practice sessions fun and productive.

  3. mm
    5 out of 5


    I have read Fast Juggling Success, and was both impressed and surprised. There are so many intelligent jugglers out there, why did nobody write this book before?
 Laido has done a great job at analyzing the juggling success of others and comparing that with the knowledge from the personal development scene.

 Once you read about the patterns of “naturally talented” jugglers, you’ll wonder why you never recognized them before. With the right training strategies anything is achievable, and Laido discovered and revealed quite a few in a juggling context. Over the years I have talked to many people about training juggling, among who professional circus teachers, yet none gave me this kind of epiphany.

 This book has influenced the way I train since I finished reading the first chapter, and I am convinced it will contribute to my growth as a juggler. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning about learning, success stories or practical tips. If you feel you are stuck on a plateau for a while, and you are not improving as fast as you used to, get the book!

  4. mm
    5 out of 5


    Laido’s “Fast Juggling Success” book is a wonderful resource for any juggler wishing to push the boundaries of technical expertise. It’s hard to argue against Laido’s personal accomplishments and he has decided to share his counter-intuitive secrets for achieving quick progress in juggling. I’m a juggling historian and Guinness World Record holder and his system of training is something I wish I’d followed when I was starting out.

  5. mm
    5 out of 5


    I rarely recommend books, movies or anything else to my friends, but this E-book by Laido Dittmar is awesome! If you juggle, play with yo-yos, or kendamas, of if you are serious about any kind of skill, this book is going to be useful to you. If you are a beginner this will help. If you are a veteran like me and feel you have no chance at keeping up with all those young kids, give this a try! After reading it I completely changed the way I practice. I saw results on the first day. He makes a lot of claims, but I really think they are valid. The approach is thoughtful, a lot of research and heart went into this project. It could use a little editing but trust me it is worth every penny. You should get this book! I am not affiliated with the author, I don’t get anything from this. It really inspired me and is driving me to improve in a big way. To me this was a gift! I want to pay him back by supporting him and getting the word out to everyone I know. I also want to help my fellow juggler and yo-yo player friends with something I sincerely believe will make a difference. Thanks again Laido I wish I would have had this 10 years ago!

  6. mm
    5 out of 5


    Have you ever wondered what’s the fastest way of improving your juggling skills? Because I have. Luckily, I got the chance to read this book, that covers several different aspects of practicing juggling. It’s very informative with lots of practical tips and suggestion that you can build in to your daily practice routine.
 Sport psychology is undoubtedly present in every performing art, it’s upon us whether we learn and use it’s mechanics or not. This book is a great tool for that as well, I can only highly recommend it!

  7. mm
    5 out of 5


    Fast Juggling Success is a great book, because you get to know the person behind it. Laido’s journey is something we all can relate to is some way. Everyone has ups and downs in his/her progress and with these tips you can learn how to get the best out of a good or even a bad day. When I read the book, I was disappointed, because I know how much it would have helped me if I read it at the time I got seriously into juggling. Most of you will recognize some of the tips featured in this book, I myself found that I was doing some of the technics unconsciously, but knowing them all is what makes a successful and great juggler. Having them together in one book, and making these training choices from unconscious to doing everything on purpose while you practice is what makes your result come much faster. I think at this time there is no other book like this one that is so in detail about the art of juggling. The strong point of this book is having it all together, from the eyes of someone who himself had difficulties in the beginning of his juggling carrier. I think this book is a great read, it gets to the point, and is understandable for everyone. My opinion is that, this book is not only for beginners, advanced jugglers can also learn a great deal about how to maximize the time spent practicing and getting more organized during your training. I think it would have definitely sped up my progress if I would had gotten my hands on this book a few years back. I hope it becomes a go to book for those who want to get serious about juggling!

  8. mm
    5 out of 5


    The best thing about this book, is that it gives you a whole summary of the psychology behind the techniques teached. I think anybody who reads this book, will get a great inspiration to break their own barriers as well and get better at juggling.. Enjoying the time spent on improving with the help of this book every single day!

  9. mm
    5 out of 5


    This book was so super awesome! It has so many strategies you just didn’t recognize before even tho they were (really really!) logical. I also found out that I did a few things already prior to reading the book, but one technique about the difficulty vs. variety based tricks really amazed me! :) :) :)

  10. mm
    5 out of 5


    “Fast Juggling Success” is a great guide to those people, performers and jugglers in particular who train hard, strive to be better everyday, but looking for answers to questions regarding to their struggles. As a Hand to Hand acrobat I could relate myself to the story of Laido and I’ve found many useful techniques to progress faster in my own discipline and ways to approach my training of new skills or improve old ones. I think breaking though obstacles in our everyday practice is one of the biggest challenge we all face. Having a strategy that delivers the results you are looking for, could save you from a lot of unnecessary frustration and makes you enjoy the process more than ever.

  11. mm
    5 out of 5


    A fantastic journey mixed with psychology, philosophy, math, neuroscience, physics and still understandable for everyone. You can use this book in so many aspects of your life and I bet that after some chapters you will think: “Damn, it’s so obvious.. Why couldn’t I think of this myself?” But the truth is if I wouldn’t have read the book, I would never realize it in my whole life. Laido will not answer all of your questions, but he will show you the steps you need to take in order to get as successful as fast as possible, yet you will need to work for your success. This is actually what makes this book so amazing!

  12. mm
    5 out of 5


    A book worth reading over and over again. When i first came across it, i was sceptic about how much i could actually benefit from it but after reading it and implementing the techniques in it, i found my progress becoming significantly faster and more constant. I can only recommend it to everyone.

  13. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I really loved to read this book, even if I dont share the plan of becoming a really high skilled juggler. My carreer as performer is over and I am into teaching juggling for reasons like empowerment and therapeutic reasons. But I can recommend this book to jugglers of every skill-level. There is so much of research and experience regarding improvement of training, which will be of great benefit for every reader. The very personal history and the biographic details make this book much more than an innovative juggling-training-instruction.

  14. 5 out of 5


    To be honest, I think this book never becomes a bestseller. And this is good, for some reason =) If jugglers would really read it and use the information from it, there would be a lot of insanely good jugglers. This is just a joke of course..But this book is №1 for every juggler and other people that works on their skills… The most important thing for me in this book – is the way, how a lot of work and statistically analyzed information is easily presented by Laido. This book helped me a lot. Big thanks to the author!

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