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Great! If You Followed All The Steps Your Application Is Complete & Your Strategy Session With Laido Is Scheduled!

Thanks for scheduling your strategy session!

I have sent your confirmation of your call time and date via email, please make sure that you put this in your calendar right now.

We will have our Zoom meeting at the precise time that you selected, so make sure that you are ready by that time.

Please make sure that you are in a quiet room and do not take the call from your car, airport or any other noisy place. Make sure that you are in time for the call.

If you are more than 5 minutes late the call will be cancelled without the option to reschedule.

Now before we have the call, I want to answer some basic questions for you.

After our strategy session, if we decide to work together, what is it that I would invite you to join?

It’s a 21 Day TOTAL TRANSFORMATION step-by-step group coaching program called:


Through the cutting edge training, you will follow and build a rock solid foundation, learning the best structure for progressing AND a completely new mental framework for how you tackle and systematize your practice.

In addition, we will have weekly live classroom sessions where we cover all your questions related to the material.

You’ll know exactly WHY you’re doing what you’re doing and HOW it connects to the bigger picture of what you’re trying to accomplish.

What is the investment into this program?

Now usually I don't speak about price, before determining if you’re actually a good fit for the program and the community I'm building. 

But here’s what you need to know for now:

I won't charge an arm and leg, so don't worry, but transformation isn’t cheap. You don't go into a Bentley shop and expect to get it for the price of a Toyota. I’m not trying to be the cheapest at what I do, I’m trying to be the best.

I’m a specialist, delivering value and results that frankly you won’t be able to find anywhere else. If you want general advice... take someone else. If you want results delivered, you will find that this program is on an entirely new level.

I can confidently say that to my knowledge it’s an entirely unique method and the best in the world at it.

And I’m not saying that from a position of ego, I’m saying it from a position of results it provided for students. In terms of the change and transformation it provides it's actually incredibly cheap.

I mean what's the worth of 2X,3X,4X your progress and shave years off of your struggle? Achieving results in the long-term that could very much be life changing.

If we just look at general advice and you would find the very top trainer in your area just for fitness in general and find out what it would cost for you to work with them 4-5 times a week for a couple of weeks..

(Where I live, that can go for at least $2,000 – $10,000).

Then ask yourself “what would that cost if he or she not only provided me with ultra specific training plans, but also spent 2-4 hours a week coaching me on conditioning my mindset for success?” 

In addition to the daily strategy training, we’ll also do mindset conditioning. You need BOTH to succeed at anything in life. Without the proper mindset doing anything, you undoubtedly just fail.

That's why, this piece alone would be already worth the investment into the program. If you want cheap or free this is NOT it. 

Even from those who are willing to invest, I don’t accept about 30% of people who apply.

I’m very selective about who I’ll actually even let into the program because group energy is extremely, extremely important.

Something I’ve noticed lately is that there are only 2 certain kinds of people...

There’s the one who lives in scarcity and fear. And that mindset perpetuates itself everywhere leading to disbelief in ALL areas of life, which obviously isn’t good. It’s not good for you, not good for me and certainly not good for the group.

But there’s the other kind that I hope you are one of and the kind I look out to help. The kind that still knows that the best years are AHEAD of them. 

Someone with that youthful enthusiasm, knowing with 100% certainty that they could tackle the challenge if they could just figure it out somehow.

The figuring out part... that’s my territory, but I want you to let go of all the excuses and limitations you are holding unto. If you keep on hanging to all the excuses, stories, and limitations, there’s no way to become the best of you.

If you want to solve it once and for all, you should come into the call with that intention. If I feel I would need to try to convince you for your own good...

That non-committal energy doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t work for your goals in life and definitely doesn’t work for your progress.

You’re either are committed to your dreams or you’re more committed to your limitations.

So knowing all of this...

If you apply, know that you’re applying to be part of an ultra premium coaching program. 

If you scheduled a call with me and decide you no longer want to do it, please take the time to cancel it. You’re not only taking up my time but you’re taking the time slot from someone else who could really use it and is committed to solving their problems.

But if you think you’re a fit, if you believe you’re an extraordinary person who deserves the success they were born to achieve and you want to be part of an extraordinary group of students...

In that case I’m looking forward helping you break down all the limitations holding you back in your practice.

 I'm committed to get you towards clarity and give you some massive value!

Looking forward to talk to you my friend.



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